Tenants are in crisis

When I lost the job that I thought I was safe because I was there for so long, I found out I could not apply for government aid or monetary benefits. I started selling food, and then I found a part-time job, but it wasn’t enough to survive and the pay was too low. I found another job and now I got fired from that one too. I don’t know how I’m going to pay the rent and if I lose my place, where do I and my family go?



Uncertainty, fear, anguish, anger, helplessness, despair, fatigue, sadness, hopelessness, vulnerability and helplessness, are the emotions that have flooded my days since last March, when the pandemic lockdown was announced… It’s funny, all these months I have heard and read that “we are in this together” but it is not true. All these months we have felt alone. Alone with our uncertainty and anguish. We all live under the same pandemic storm, but we are in a different boat.


Santa Cruz Mountains

Are you at risk when eviction protections expire?